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Mells war memorial inscription

Mells: Village of loss

Abbot Richard Whiting of Glastonbury Abbey was one of the few heads of religious orders to put up any resistance to Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Glastonbury was the last abbey left in Somerset and Whiting refused to hand it over to Henry’s agents. This was a principled stand but not one that would end well for the abbot.

St Mary-le-Bow churchyard

In Bow Churchyard

She was sitting on a bench in the churchyard of St Mary-le-Bow, muttering at the pigeons, swaddled in layers of clothing (it was a cold day). I said, ‘Excuse me’ a couple of times but she ignored me.

thurrock services

A passage to Anglia

The driver is a taciturn man but holds immense power over the passengers on the journey. He determines the route but does not share it with them, he speaks to the border officials in incomprehensible tongues, he tells them when and where they can eat, piss and shit.