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shopping trolley in river

Chariots of wire

Abandoned shopping trolleys are everywhere once you start looking out for them, littering the streets like grimy analogues of the sun-bleached skeletons of imaginary deserts. What do they signify, these forsaken machines of the retail hunter-gatherers?

In knots

Some knots in my own life had brought me to Birmingham in December. Wandering through Edgbaston, I went into the Botanical Gardens and found this knot garden. Once you start noticing knots, they are everywhere…

swastika India House

Swastikas and cigarettes

If you happen to be walking past India House on the Aldwych, glance up at the medallions that decorate the exterior. One in particular might catch your attention. Swastikas over London? Yes, though this is not Nazi signage, but the ancient Sanskrit symbol of well-being.