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The Druidic origins of Association football

I was browsing through January’s issue of the Journal of Sporting Archaeology when a notice caught my eye: ‘Professor Allison’s lecture on “The Druidic Origins of Association Football” scheduled for the 20th March has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.’

Scottish invasion!

Base camp: Russell Square. The Tartan Army has taken control of the area and hoisted its flags. Detergent has been added to the fountain, footballs are being kicked randomly about and the banter and beer are flowing.

Crabble Ground Dover

A National League game in Dover

The Dour runs through it and Dover is a dour kind of place, a seaside town that makes few concessions to the popular traditions of the English seaside. It’s a practical, workaday place, leaving Kentish amusements to the likes of Margate and Broadstairs.