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Sarah Wrench grave

The grave of Sarah Wrench

Here’s an oddity, a grave secured by a mortsafe in the burial ground of the church of St Edmund, King and Martyr, in East Mersea. The iron plaque states, ‘Sarah Wrench died 6th May 1848 aged 15 years and 5 months’.

Of earthquakes and Zeppelins

Ordinary, unremarkable life is the norm for most places and most people. But sometimes stuff happens, even in remote villages like Little Wigborough, a habitation on the salt marshes of the Blackwater estuary in Essex.

The last PLA steam tug

That the Thames once seethed with traffic and that London was once the biggest, busiest port in the world are not quite believable statements in the twenty-first century. The London Thames today is less an artery, more an interruption, a scenic feature rather than the city’s lifeblood.