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In knots

Some knots in my own life had brought me to Birmingham in December. Wandering through Edgbaston, I went into the Botanical Gardens and found this knot garden. Once you start noticing knots, they are everywhere…

crushed cars Digbeth

Crushed car catafalque

Towards the end of the Breakdown era, the catafalques of local chieftains became grander and more permanent. This example, discovered in what was once the Digbeth district of Birmingham, commemorates Sandra Zeinab O’Malley al-Brum, leader of the belligerent and short-lived Warks-Motorway Caliphate. 

Perrotts Folly

A tower in Edgbaston

Perrott’s Folly, also known as The Monument, stood in open parkland when it was constructed in 1758, at the behest of a local man, John Perrott. Perrott was both wealthy and eccentric, a combination that seems to occur more frequently in the eighteenth century than in any other.

Green Man Digbeth

A Green Man in Digbeth

This terrific sculpture of the Green Man by Toin Adams stands in a cramped space in the Custard Factory in Birmingham. The site was once the home to Alfred Bird & Sons Ltd, manufacturers of the famed Bird’s Custard Powder, and is now an office/retail location.