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Dodgson and his sisters

In August 1868, the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, took a lease on a house called ‘The Chestnuts’ in Guildford, close by the town’s castle. His seven sisters were about to be made homeless.

Offerings to the Dog-God

They are to be seen on all the routes where the dogs bring their human helpers (these examples were found by the River Wey at Guildford). Strange fruits, these turds encased in shiny bags, neatly tied and placed on grass, at the foot of trees, hung from branches and fences.

Silent Pool 1

The ‘legend’ of Silent Pool

The visitor information board at the twin chalk ponds of Silent Pool and Sherbourne Pond states: ‘There are many thoughts on how Silent Pool got its name and one of them is the legend of Emma, a woodcutter’s daughter who is said to have been bathing in the clear water when she was disturbed by a lecherous horseman.

Kingston’s Coronation Stone

Rejoice! that Praise and Honour at length Return to their ancient rest,— As a wounded eagle gathers his strength To recover his rock-built nest; For of old, around yon rugged throne Tradition tenderly clings, To hail that stone, as its brother of Scone, The Throne of the Seven Kings! (‘The Kingston Coronation Stone’ – Martin Tupper)