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Roman stick of rock

It took a few centuries for the landlubberly Romans to master the craft of shipbuilding and the art of sailing, but once this was achieved they set about dominating the seas with their usual grim and ineluctable determination.

dragonflies mating wheel

The mating wheel

The North Kent marshes: a dragonfly paradise. I came across this pair of Migrant Hawkers on a warm September day, on a stretch of marshland called Dagnam Saltings. This coupling of male (the blue one) and female (the green one) is known as a mating wheel.

Rochester Wheel of Fortune

Fortuna smiles

Sloppy workmanship, you could call it. Or maybe half-hearted iconoclasm. The alteration men of the Reformation or Puritanism, whichever it was, only removed half the image. The other half of this depiction of the Wheel of Fortune was hidden behind a pulpit. 

Bromley Tech 1

Bowie’s first stand

You’re a skinny kid from Brixton but Bromley is your home now. Life in Bromley might as well be life on Mars, so far does it seem from the charms and thrills of London. But you’re going to get out, sooner than they think.