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shopping trolley in river

Chariots of wire

Abandoned shopping trolleys are everywhere once you start looking out for them, littering the streets like grimy analogues of the sun-bleached skeletons of imaginary deserts. What do they signify, these forsaken machines of the retail hunter-gatherers?

Unseen landscapes

Last summer I walked in a field near Avebury where two rough monoliths stand up, sixteen feet high, miraculously patterned with black and orange lichen, remnants of the avenue of stones which led to the great circle. A mile away, a green pyramid casts a gigantic shadow. In the hedge, at hand, the white trumpet of a convolvulus turns from its spiral stem, following the sun. In my art I would solve such an equation. (Paul Nash in Unit One – Herbert Read (ed.))

Shaggy dog story with spies

Film writers and directors are demanding more and more of our time. In a preview piece written for the Times about his BBC series Close to the Enemy, Stephen Poliakoff notes that ‘long-form television allows the space to explore more than just one central story’.