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In love with England

As he brooded restlessly along the Oxfordshire landscape, he felt the story of England, of which he was part, gradually taking possession of him. He must learn it all, through and through, not to make any material use of it, but for its own sake, as a lover. That was it: he was in love with England.

(Robinson of England – John Drinkwater)

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Pomparles Bridg

On Pomparles Bridge

In my last post, I referred to Pomparles Bridge as ‘legendary’ — and so it is. But while that Pomparles Bridge was in the same location, give or take, as the present-day bridge, they are not the same thing. The visitor, misty-eyed and semi-delirious from the effects of Arthurian tales, nerves tingling with the notion of sighting the Lady of the Lake, will be crushingly disappointed with the reality. Read More