Author: Kit Ward

Mersea Island erosion

Albion eroding

Read a news report on an incident of coastal erosion and you’ll find the writer — and the featured scientist — blaming ‘climate change’. By which is meant climate change produced by human activities. No doubt that’s one cause. But there are other factors at work.

Sarah Wrench grave

The grave of Sarah Wrench

Here’s an oddity, a grave secured by a mortsafe in the burial ground of the church of St Edmund, King and Martyr, in East Mersea. The iron plaque states, ‘Sarah Wrench died 6th May 1848 aged 15 years and 5 months’.

Smithfield Market

Farewell, Smithfield Market

There has been a meat market at Smithfield for at least 800 years and probably closer to a thousand. Until 1852, it was a livestock market too, and the animals were slaughtered and butchered in the same location.