Month: September 2016

Crushed car catafalque

Towards the end of the Breakdown era, the catafalques of local chieftains became grander and more permanent. This example, discovered in what was once the Digbeth district of Birmingham, commemorates Sandra Zeinab O’Malley al-Brum, leader of the belligerent and short-lived Warks-Motorway Caliphate.

Bournville pastoral

They say he is already in the forest of Arden, and a many merry men with him; and there they live like the old Robin Hood of England: they say many young gentlemen flock to him every day, and fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden world. (As You Like It – William Shakespeare)

Kingston’s Coronation Stone

Rejoice! that Praise and Honour at length Return to their ancient rest,— As a wounded eagle gathers his strength To recover his rock-built nest; For of old, around yon rugged throne Tradition tenderly clings, To hail that stone, as its brother of Scone, The Throne of the Seven Kings! (‘The Kingston Coronation Stone’ – Martin Tupper)