Month: April 2016

J Salter & Son, Aldershot

A shopfront in Aldershot

Aldershot, whatever some may say, has its charms. The (former) premises of J Salter & Sons stand on the High Street, a curio amid the inferno of fast-food joints, pound shops, cash advance merchants and shabby franchises. This business, with its small workshop above the shop, was once the world’s leading manufacturer of polo equipment.

Bow Bells milestone Nutley

A milestone in Nutley

Strung along the A22 like grave markings for a vanished transport system, the Bow Bells milestones punctuate the old coaching route between Eastbourne and London. This particular example is from the village of Nutley in the Ashdown Forest. 

Frome bridge 1

A bridge in Frome

Who gives a thought to a bridge when they cross it? A disappointed bridge, Stephen Dedalus remarks of Kingstown Pier in Joyce’s Ulysses, but other bridges have other disappointments. Many of them, like this bridge in Frome, do not even have a proper name.